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Wednesday Women (squared 2)

, Photos by Henry, Jinu

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Lisa Ryoo • Wearer of flower necklace • Lisa’s instagram // Grace Hur • Wearer of invisible necklace • Grace’s instagram

Q. What’s a personality trait that you both agree is essential in a guy?
G. Doesn’t try too hard…
L. Yea, as in not overbearing. Also funny is very important, like having the same sense of humor as us!
G. We’re both kind of sarcastic… and in social settings, we always catch the same things, which is kind of bad cause we laugh at inappropriate times.

Q. What are some physical features you like on guys?
G. I’m kind of embarrassed to say, but I like arms… nothing crazy but just um- reasonably fit.
L. Height. I like tall guys.

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Q. Any general thoughts about guys these days?
L. Chivalry is dead, I feel like…
G. Yeah, and when guys hit on you, they just do it wrong- it’s always at the worst times.

Q. The worst times?
G. Like one time I had my headphones on and was clearly in a rush, when someone tapped me and said, “Hi, I saw you walking and thought I’d come to introduce myself.”
L. That bothered you?
G. I guess what I’m saying is… I don’t like to get hit on.

Q. Haha, okay then where’s a good place to hit on girls?
G. I just want to be friends first.
L. Yeah, I don’t like the act of picking up girls…
G. If I go to the library, I go to study, the dining hall, I go to eat… I guess it’s kind of sad it’s like that.
L. Yeah… but I don’t like talking to strangers. Just be my friend, and don’t be creepy.

Q. Personality or looks? Honestly.
L. Honestly, I will go after personality. Seriously!
G. Yeah, personality.
L. Even if someone is unattractive physically, if they have a good personality, they start getting cute to you… you know? It happens!

(Grace: Clarks shoes/ Lisa: Franco Sarto shoes)

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March 2014




, Photos by Henry

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Mellowed out this Friday.
Weekend, please be breezy and slow for us.

(JCrew blazer/ Topman sweater)

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