January 2015




Photos by Henry


Kayla Orthman / Instagram

Q. What is your biggest flaw?
A. Caring too much what people think. I think it comes with growing up in a tiny Midwest town.

Q. What were some bad things about growing up in a small town?
A. Exactly that. Even wearing what I wanted to was hard, because it was such a small town… caring about what my neighbors thought, what my parents thought, what my parents’ neighbors thought. For example, after I left for college, my dad wouldn’t let me come back once cause I had dyed my hair pink.

Q. So what happened?
A. I got the pink out of my hair… But then I got a nose ring and my mom cried.

Q. Haha.
A. I have so much love for my parents, though. And, I do also love that I grew up in a small town- it’s given me a really great sense of who I am. I love how everybody is friendly and hard working and willing to help each other out. I love that in my town, I don’t have to be afraid to walk out alone, or lock my vehicle, cause I feel so safe. I love that everyone in this town truly cares about my well being- they would bend over backwards for me.

Q. Hm.
A. Yeah… that’s the difference here. You’re not just a number in the population.

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