December 2014




Photos by Henry


Jane Kim // Instagram

Q. Advice for other Instagramers?
A. Don’t ever take it too seriously- I’ve met so many people who are just trying to get more likes/followers which in the long run is meaningless! Use it to connect with photographers who inspire you, and experiment with different styles/techniques… just have fun with it and people will appreciate that genuine approach so much more.

Q. Any funny famous stories? Like someone stalking you outside your apt window to see what filter you’re using?
A. There are some creepy times when people will leave comments like “I saw you take this picture”. But one time I was at a cafe in LA and asked to share a table with someone, and she turned out to be a follower! We talked for like an hour… so that was fun and not creepy.

Q. What color do you wear the most?
A. Black.

Q. What style do you like on guys?
A. I think style is relative to personality but whatever it is, it needs to fit properly… ill fitting clothes are the worst possible thing.

Q. Okay, then what kind of personality traits do you like in guys?
A. Mm, someone who’s confident-but no cocky, ambitious, and driven!

Q. Do you have any weird talents
A. Well, I have a Guinness World Record!! I did the most curtsies in 5 min with a bunch of British people…

Q. What was the best age for you so far?
A. This year. 27 slash 2014 has been my favorite because I finally felt like I was figuring things out. Also, I did a ton of traveling which is always a plus!

( Mackage jacket/ Miu Miu sunglasses)

♠ DS

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