October 2014




Photos by Henry



Linh Vo // Instagram 

Q. What do you love most about living in California?
A. The beach. The booze. The babes.

Q. Greatest part of your summer?
A. Summer never ends in Cali.

Q. What is the best physical trait in a guy?
A. Smile and butt.

Q. Best feature in a guy?
A. Personality. I don’t care what you look like if your attitude is shit. Eye contact- is that a feature? There’s a lot to be said about a guy who can make great eye contact. It shows how sincere and genuine he is.

Q. Do you have a goal in life?
A. I run around and act like a crazy person because I can. Sometimes I get laughed at and it used to bug me, but the older I get the more I see how unhappy people really are. They lose spark and fire… and I pray I never lose mine. So the goal is to be happy, truly happy. Maybe even find someone to share it with.

Q. What is important in life?
A. Food.

( Forever 21 dress/ Aerie necklace)

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