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June 2015







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Deborah Cho // Instagram

Q. Why do you want to get into social work?
A. They say you should do what you love. I’ve always loved asking people too many personal questions. Now I get to do that for a living.

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January 2015



Kayla Orthman / Instagram

Q. What is your biggest flaw?
A. Caring too much what people think. I think it comes with growing up in a tiny Midwest town.

Q. What were some bad things about growing up in a small town?
A. Exactly that. Even wearing what I wanted to was hard, because it was such a small town… caring about what my neighbors thought, what my parents thought, what my parents’ neighbors thought. For example, after I left for college, my dad wouldn’t let me come back once cause I had dyed my hair pink.

Q. So what happened?
A. I got the pink out of my hair… But then I got a nose ring and my mom cried.

Q. Haha.
A. I have so much love for my parents, though. And, I do also love that I grew up in a small town- it’s given me a really great sense of who I am. I love how everybody is friendly and hard working and willing to help each other out. I love that in my town, I don’t have to be afraid to walk out alone, or lock my vehicle, cause I feel so safe. I love that everyone in this town truly cares about my well being- they would bend over backwards for me.

Q. Hm.
A. Yeah… that’s the difference here. You’re not just a number in the population.

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December 2014



Jane Kim // Instagram

Q. Advice for other Instagramers?
A. Don’t ever take it too seriously- I’ve met so many people who are just trying to get more likes/followers which in the long run is meaningless! Use it to connect with photographers who inspire you, and experiment with different styles/techniques… just have fun with it and people will appreciate that genuine approach so much more.

Q. Any funny famous stories? Like someone stalking you outside your apt window to see what filter you’re using?
A. There are some creepy times when people will leave comments like “I saw you take this picture”. But one time I was at a cafe in LA and asked to share a table with someone, and she turned out to be a follower! We talked for like an hour… so that was fun and not creepy.

Q. What color do you wear the most?
A. Black.

Q. What style do you like on guys?
A. I think style is relative to personality but whatever it is, it needs to fit properly… ill fitting clothes are the worst possible thing.

Q. Okay, then what kind of personality traits do you like in guys?
A. Mm, someone who’s confident-but no cocky, ambitious, and driven!

Q. Do you have any weird talents
A. Well, I have a Guinness World Record!! I did the most curtsies in 5 min with a bunch of British people…

Q. What was the best age for you so far?
A. This year. 27 slash 2014 has been my favorite because I finally felt like I was figuring things out. Also, I did a ton of traveling which is always a plus!

( Mackage jacket/ Miu Miu sunglasses)

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November 2014



October 2014




Linh Vo // Instagram 

Q. What do you love most about living in California?
A. The beach. The booze. The babes.

Q. Greatest part of your summer?
A. Summer never ends in Cali.

Q. What is the best physical trait in a guy?
A. Smile and butt.

Q. Best feature in a guy?
A. Personality. I don’t care what you look like if your attitude is shit. Eye contact- is that a feature? There’s a lot to be said about a guy who can make great eye contact. It shows how sincere and genuine he is.

Q. Do you have a goal in life?
A. I run around and act like a crazy person because I can. Sometimes I get laughed at and it used to bug me, but the older I get the more I see how unhappy people really are. They lose spark and fire… and I pray I never lose mine. So the goal is to be happy, truly happy. Maybe even find someone to share it with.

Q. What is important in life?
A. Food.

( Forever 21 dress/ Aerie necklace)

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August 2014


Vlogging- well, kinda. New York, New Yawk.

I like video. It is fun.



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July 2014


Got to mess around with video courtesy of Phil Cho the other weekend- got some ideas floating around that we’re excited to jumpstart.
Stay tuned.

music- “Taking Me Over” feat Deuce Eclipse and Alex Carbonel (prod by Tymobeats)

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June 2014



It’s official. It’s summer.

(Californa Company tank/ Huf 5 panel hat)

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